You Could be a Pharmacist and a Fashion Retailer

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Usually, when we pursue a career, if will mean having to put other passions aside. A career will likely take up so much of your time that you only have time for one. Other interests that you may have are likely to become little more than a hobby for any time that you may have spare. Some people, however, are able to juggle more than one career to be able to pursue more than one interest simultaneously. One hard-working person is even able to run a pharmacy while also running an online clothes store.

Business First

While Debbie also wanted to be a fashion retailer, she had to move into something more practical first instead. She had to pay the bills and she couldn’t afford to take the risks associated with fashion. She found a much more stable prospect in a online pharmacy, and opened Medicinesbymailbox as a result. Despite this, she never gave up her hopes of having her very own fashion store.

Hard Work

Once Debbie’s pharmacy was up and running, she was then able to use her spare time on her new venture. Using her web design skills, she set up an online store. It was a lot of hard work, with many hours spent on marketing, but it paid off eventually. Not only does Debbie run a successful pharmacy, she also now owns a growing online fashion retailer.

Debbie’s story is a prime example of how you don’t necessarily have to let go of your dreams if you are willing to work hard enough. She is an inspiration to many people that wish to follow their ambitions.